OCT08 2008 1:50PM
SEP14 2008 12:46PM

Thought I'd knock down one of the items on my "to-blog-about" list while waiting for football to start.

I've probably logged more hours sitting in chair in front of a computer than anyone I've ever met. This year has been especially tough for my neck, my back, (my...) due to some intense seat time from my new poker aspirations. Also, I think old age is playing a factor. D: Did a little research and found out that a good chair can make a huge difference for correct posture and alleviating pain and soreness.

The soreness was so bad that my neck would feel numb for days and my lower back would kill me when trying to sleep. I didn't want the pain to affect my ability to play poker as it became my primary source of income and I was making some decent coin. So I was more than willing to invest a decent amount of money on a nice chair.

Little did I know that a decent amount of money on a chair is A LOT of money.Collapse )

AUG27 2008 10:18AM

Here we go again. Another 18 credit semester of fun. I have a lot to blog about but I've been really busy with summer school, moving into my new apartment, poker, trying to stay social, (also lazy) etc. So this will be a placeholder to remind me to post later on when I have the time and the photos.

- new prop bets
- poker progress
- school progress
- new apt pics
- post grad plans
- back problems and looking for a cure

I've gained 4 lbs of fat back D:

here's a little preview of the place.
check out all our windows on the first floor!

JUL31 2008 2:46AM
JUL17 2008 1:26AM

Several months ago alittlecambo and I made a prop bet to see who could get into better shape. At first we decided to do who could end up with the lowest body fat %, but since we started with different weights, body fat percentages, and, actually, completely different body types we decided that a panel of judges would decide the winner by appearance, since that was the ultimate goal anyways.

http://chrriiiss.livejournal.com/176098.html (the old entry)

So far, we've only mutually agreed upon one judge (Chris "Scrubb" Ardalan, Virginia Tech 2007 BA in Nutrition and sexiest white man alive). We are currently looking for unbiased volunteers for the rest of the panel. Unofficial judging criteria is as follows: Judges are to consider overall improvement based upon weight loss, body fat % decrease and physical appearance (increase in muscle mass, and toning) between starting and ending photos. Either Eric or Chris should be chosen as most improved and winner of this proposition bet.

My final thoughts: Overall I'm satisfied with my performance. I didn't work nearly as hard as I could have in terms of a workout routine, however, my knowledge in nutrition and diet has increased dramatically and felt that this was the key to building a better body and obviously better health. I had a lot of fun and I feel and look great. I didn't even realize how out of shape I was until I really got into this. This is the closest I've ever come to having a six pack which is quite elusive. This bet gave me my fix of competition and I can't help but to continue to live a healthier lifestyle.

So here are the final pictures and numbers from July 4.Collapse )

JUN24 2008 8:10PM

Have you encountered more idiots at school or at work?

JUN18 2008 2:59AM

Since my last entry I've pretty much been doing this all day:

The grind has been pretty good. I'm beating the games and I've learned that there's still a lot more to learn. I'll continue to grind throughout the rest of my academic career (spring 09 woot!).

Picked up a new 24" monitor to accompany my 20" for more desktop real estate (moving up to 12 tables?) Also rewarded myself with a new laptop for school/poker. Figured that the money doesn't do me any good unless I buy something with it, so I picked up a new Thinkpad; it's pretty sweet, should've gone smaller than 15" though?

Pics are all cell phone pics because I hate my busted camera.

pictured on this table: new monitor, laptop, ipod touch, shuffle, big tv, materialism, etc.

Went to Vegas but have no pictures since I was glued to the poker table the entire time. Made some good money, but spent way more on clubs/strippers/dining/stupid casino games.

From Vegas, I flew to NYC and from there I took the bus to Philly before going home. Pretty much roamed the cities alone, which mostly involved me getting lost a lot. Met up with some old friends and saw some sights. I'd say that I successfully avoided the typical boring summer.

Also hit up some class 4-5 (of 6) white water rapids which was pretty thrilling since I can't swim.

Random cell phone pic dump:

daily pills during spring semester: vita supplements, claritin, sudafed sinus, addy, more vitas

played with this snake for an hour. i want one.

philly sights

board games for giants/acid trip for everyone else

love is all we need


APR25 2008 11:12PM

This year has been all about improving my life. I think I may have fallen short on my goals a little bit, but I'm pretty proud of my progress.

They say one of the downfalls of being a pro poker player is lack of recognition when compared to traditional professions. Good thing I have an LJ. Recognize:

Other resolutions:

1 locked A, 1 locked B, 2 more possible As, 1 possible B, and I hope to God I can pass accounting.

Weight 153. I look cut.

And just the FYI honey and allergies update. I've been eating lots of honey. Peanut butter & honey sandwiches, chicken with honey and BBQ sauce, honey and balsamic vinaigrette salads. I think it's lessening the effects. I only take 1 claritin (target knockoff), and half a dose of sudafed a day now as opposed to double doses. Eyes still itch like a muff though.

APR16 2008 11:45PM

There are several reasons that you shouldn't drink and drive. One that is especially important is because you shouldn't drink and drive.

4 pitchers and a shot later, I'm on the way home. I'm driving perfectly fine. But I fail to take into account the stupidity of other drivers. I get rear ended.

What to do?

"you ok?"
"yeah, you?"
"yeah i'm fine, don't worry about it"

and then I'm off in 30 seconds or less. My bumper is scratched and I got some minor whiplash, but I stink like booze and it's not worth a DUI.

So, that why you don't do it.

My neck hurts.

APR12 2008 1:17PM

My mom keeps checking my away messages:

JusCafChrisMa: Zai zai, why are you cursing the mother nature ? anythings goes wrong?

Auto response from christ0 says: fuck mother nature

So I've been having a bout with allergies. I swear I never had them before, or that they weren't this bad before, though they might have been. 2 years ago I had to get Claritin for the first time. My attitude was that allergies were for the weak (immune systems). So this year I was sure that I wasn't going to get them since I'm a lot healthier before (regular sleep, good diet, multivites, and no cigarettes have kept me illness free for over a year).

But sure enough, the itchy eyes and sneezing are back.
what the fuck.

So apparently honey is a good prevention remedy. A spoonful of honey everyday before an allergy season builds up the immune system against pollen. It's already a little too late but I just got a jar of pure honey in hopes of beating it this season. I think raw honey is supposed to be best but also honey raised locally is what's important. I didn't get it raw (though I like it raw), but I was lucky enough to find some raised in Berryville, VA which is 2.5 hours away.

I'll keep you updated on that because allergies suck ass.

resolutions update:
weight: 151. lost 12 lbs, gym 3x week, 2hrs basketball 1x week, flat football 1xweek.
poker: down $300+ online, but up $800 live?
grades: um... fuck?

APR04 2008 2:08AM

Tera Patrick did the football handoff to me tonight with her ass in my face.

God Bless Her. nwsCollapse )

MAR27 2008 8:16PM

So the weight loss/fitness resolution has just been upped a notch. In a nutshell, camboedin and are in competition.

July 4th is the deadline.
The stakes: paid airfare to Las Vegas ($150 limit)
Most improved body as per panel of judges TBD.
Least body fat %

"dude take off your shirt right now"

I like how our skin tones caused the camera to have different white balances and how glazed we are and how homo we are.

Starting Specs
Me: 5'8 162 lbs 17% body fat
Din: 5'4 153 lbs 15% body fat

I have tiny nipples.

MAR04 2008 10:16AM

Earring cheese. It smells funny.

One time I was making out with this girl who liked to suck on my ears. At that time I had 1 earring without the backing. I guess there's something about piercings that make them target areas for foreplay. Eventually she sucked it out of my ear. I can't imagine that it tasted too good.

Earring cheese. It probably tastes funny too.

FEB29 2008 11:41PM
FEB21 2008 8:32AM

edit: it's ok. I got a 92

I'm trying to cram for this exam, but there's a girl a few feet away from me who won't stop coughing and