christo (chrriiiss) wrote,

immune system vs china

Since I've gotten to China less than a year ago I've had 3 fevers and at least half a dozen colds. It's not hard to imagine why though, with the polluted air, mucous projectiles flying from everyone's face, public transportation etc. China is dirty.

Have to get up really early tomorrow to get the internet setup at the new place, then run to lunch to meet one of the board of governors from AmCham, then to work, then party hardy for Dani's going away. I'm going to need this cold to go away.

I don't have enough work clothes to cycle through a work week. Guess I'll be forced to shop. Perhaps another tailored suit? Yeah man!

Another reason that led me to the decision of keeping up with this LJ more is because I've realized that my writing skills have declined greatly and I will need to improve for this job. I'm especially slow when writing about business.
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