christo (chrriiiss) wrote,

I'm still in China

I'm going on 9 months in China now. The time flies by quickly, but not a day goes by where I'm not reminded in some way that, well, this is fucking China. And while that might sound negative because I probably dislike this place more than I like it, I do like being in a place that I dislike. It's all part of the soul searching and comfort-zone-removal therapy that I need for all of my issues, which I'm not even sure of right now.

"I'm off to lunch."
"Ok, enjoy your duck penis and pig colon."

That's John, who had a brief stint in China before deciding that he hated it and fled to a much more luxurious S. Korea. That's fine. He's Korean, so he feels no cultural ties to this country and he can hate on his oddities, inefficiencies, and infuriating lack of common courtesy, whereas I, feel like I should be embracing it. Maybe reluctantly, because there actually is a pig colon noodles restaurant right outside my door, but no one eats duck penis. Duck penis has barbs and is all crazy and shit. Google duck penis. It's all crazy and shit.
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