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100% productivity days 4 & 5: meh I just don't want it bad enough"

*you may want to check footnote before reading

I guess I've ultimately failed this challenge by neglecting to even put up an entry yesterday. I thought about it. I just need more pressure. For example, the beer pong tournament in March (which I've neglected to record previously, so I will do so briefly now). alittlecambo and I entered a beer pong tournament last month because we're both a little meatheaded and beer pong has brought out the little meathead in all of our competitive friends. As a result, regular beer pong has become a heated way of living life on the weekends for us, as of late. But being the most meatheaded out of all my meathead friends, naturally din and I got pretty good. I mean unnaturally, disturbingly good at beer pong. Unfortunately, we never seem to do well on the same team. It's like our competitiveness-fields are conflicting with each other.

Anyways the point of this anecdotal metaphor comes in at the end of this story. It's a cakewalk to the finals where we meet the previous tournaments reigning champs that were so drunk that they were knocking over their first cups. We crush them in the first round of three and we're looking at our final cup while they still had 3 left. I like to think of myself as a 50% shooter on final cups (grossly exaggerated). There simply wasn't the pressure, and of course we blew it missing it 8 times. They rally from behind and steal away the title from us. Lesson learned.

So this IHRM class I've been taking. I skipped a midterm because it was an option for me and really haven't paid attention to what's been going on. On Thursday, I had the second midterm which I was imperative for me to take... So you know what's going through my mind 'hmmm oooh shiiiiii.....' I planned on studying for it the entire week, which turned out to just be an awesome 4 hour cramfest right before the exam. I feel like I did pretty well on that, solid B definitely which is somewhat impressive (it's only VCU, and it's only business school, and it's HR ... actually probably not that impressive and I haven't seen the grade yet, so who knows, maybe I just failed it).

Then played basketball for 2 hours which has been the only outdoor activity for me in a while and this should be a regular thing for me now. This is what will keep me in shape. Then I went to bed early at 12.

So 6 hours out of 16: 37.5%

Today... I just bummed around. I didn't even make actual human contact today. I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, threw out some moldy things, made a tuna salad... and ate it all... attempted to fix my computer all day. I think I've narrowed down the problem to defective hardware requiring me to BUILD A NEW FREAKIN RIG, but I'm broke. I'm owed a ton of money from delinquent friends, and I also owe a ton of money to family and a friend. Also doesn't help that the poker attempt on my laptop today went poorly. And then I blazed myself out alone for the second time ever, I suppose in lieu of the impending holiday.

*Sorry for the excessively long entry with an anecdotal beer pong reference, just know that I had a very pleasant experience writing this entry inebriated by herbal substances. Hopefully you will/have enjoyed it also.

peace love prosperity

day 5 1 + 2.7(hrs of poker) + 1 fixing computer: 29.38%

sched tomorrow
915 get up morning ritual
945 take out trash, head up to nova
1200 take brother to microsoft certified systems engineer exam D: brother is definitely smarter than I.
200 play freerolls

I guess I'm taking this day off. chill with fam, bbq with friends, dc with friends

get some admin stuff done: get info for filling out fin. aid form, turn it in, post office ship gift, write letter, prep for HR pres, take care of ticket, get bro to look at compu,
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