christo (chrriiiss) wrote,

i wish i got better sleep

So apparently, I have a moderate case of sleep apnea, which I recently learned could be dangerous to my health. This is probably also why I sometimes get terrible sleep which starts a cycle of fatigue and worse sleep for long periods of time and depression, etc (story of my life during high school). Not a whole lot in terms of treatment out there except for CPAP machines which requires wearing a mask to sleep so a machine can force pressurized oxygen through breathing passages. Doesn't sound too comfortable.

Anyone know of any solutions? I may try some strips and pillows. For now I'm forcing myself to sleep on my side which seems to help a little bit, but most of the time I end up on my back again.

In other news, I made some exciting purchases this week. I just received my DC14 Dyson All Floors Telescopic Reach for $180 shipped. I just did the hallway and wow. I mean. It's just a vacuum, but that was cool.

Put down the deposit on my car that I'm picking up this weekend. Pics will come. You'll have to wait till then.
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